ANAMBRA STATE GOVERNMENT - Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Agriculture Investments

General Manager, Anambra State Investment Promotion & Protection Agency (“ANSIPPA”)

August 2014- May 2015



Developed the Anambra State Farmers Enhancement Scheme which is a Value Chain Financing Model for smallholder farmers to break the vicious smallholder cycle and empower farmers in the State.


Developed the Anambra State Abattoir Transformative Initiative that would ramp up the current Abattoir/Slaughterhouse Systems using “Semi-Mechanized Infrastructure.


Organized, facilitated and participated in the AgraInnovate Conference 2014 supported by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development and the Nigerian Agribusiness Group as Key Sponsors, Exhibitors and Keynote Speakers for ANSIPPA & Anambra State Government.


Developed the Anambra State Government Agriculture Investment Teaser, Rice and Cassava Investment Opportunity Handbook and other investment related documentation.


Liaise with Developmental Agencies and Development Finance Institutions to provide capacity and financing support on agro-initiatives within the State.


Appraised investor proposals, facilitated and supported private sector investments within the State in Agriculture, Transportation, Power, Industry, Health and other related sectors in ANSIPPA cumulating to US$1.6 Billion in committed investment funds in 2015.

Member, Anambra State Budget Committee

Member, Anambra State Election Committee
(Media Implementation Secretariat)

TThe miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it.

― Mother Teresa

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